About us

Cultural events agency

Event agency Rīga’s Pavasaris specialises in creating cultural content of noteworthy events. We not only help organize and conduct events, first of all, we do them ourselves


Bright and profound events

With our speakers, opinion leaders, influential specialists and professionals in various fields of science, culture, history, religion and public life, we organize performances, bright shows and profound educational lectures on various interesting topics

Interesting topics

Are you sure you know the answers to all questions? We will tell you more interesting and more than others

Question #1

Who are the Impressionists and Cubists?

Question #2

Where was Babylon, and why did it vanish?

Question #3

Did Alexander M. ever visit the Latvia?

Question #4

How do Catholics differ from Orthodox?

Question #5

Why is the Earth round?


Exciting and rewarding meetings

Educational meetings, conferences and round tables with leading writers and artists, politicians and athletes, presentations of films and books, discussion clubs, talks, moderation and constructive disputes on a variety of topics


Wide range of sites

Conference rooms, museums, libraries, clubs, restaurants and even forest edges


Integrative approach

A full range of services to arrange creative, aesthetic and effective events

«A man must cling to the belief

that the incomprehensible is comprehensible;

otherwise he would not try to fathom it»

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

SIA “Rīga’s Pavasaris”

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